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Fun on a Savvy Budget: Shaving Cream

We all get bored sometimes, and so do my kids. The summer heat in Texas is absolutely¬†excruciating and just the thought of being outside makes you break a sweat! Now, I have to advise you that after this activity is done, there is a little clean up. My kids had SO MUCH FUN! SO MUCH FUN! It made me feel like super mom, and we all need that feeling sometimes. This was supposed to be a “controlled” activity that in a span of 3 minutes completely got out of control. It was just… awesome. *Be careful if you have tile because it can become slippery*

What you need:

Shaving Cream

Plastic Plates

Food coloring (optional)

What you do:

First, strip them down to their diapers or bathing suits

Put some shaving cream on plates and add food coloring so you can have different colored mounds (optional)

Sit them down, put the plates in front of them… and watch the magic happen!


As you can see from the pictures, my kids realized that if they filled their hands with shaving creams and started clapping, that this “magic white stuff” would fly everywhere, so I had shaving cream on the cabinets, all over the floor and eventually after being chased, I had it all over me. :) Nothing that a good bath won’t solve! After their bath, I sat them on the couch with a plate of fruit and got to cleaning, a mop, water and a rag! Took me 10 minutes :)

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  1. What an adorable idea! A great cheap way to entertain the kids, and I’m sure they loved it! Can’t wait to try this out with the nephew! I’m always looking for ways to keep him entertained longer than 10 minutes haha

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