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Coupon Fairy… coupon blessing or paper trash?


Do you know what a coupon fairy is? A coupon fairy is someone who leaves coupons next to products so a random shopper can use it to save money. It is considered a “random act of kindness” in the coupon world. Have you spotted the coupon fairy doings in your store lately?

I shop at Kroger,Albertsons, CVS and Walgreens and although I have never seen her (or them), I see their work as I walk through the isles. I have always thought that it was a good thing and although I have never done it myself, I hope people takeĀ advantageĀ of this “fairyness”.

Well, as I was shopping this week at my favorite CVS, the store manager approached me and asked if I knew who was leaving coupons on the shelves. I explained to him about the coupon fairy and how that is viewed as a random act of kindness. The store manager proceeded to let me know that although it may be a good thing to do, it was actually getting the store in trouble! The store was audited by their corporate office and they got a violation for the amount of trash (coupons!!!) on the shelves and between products. Their store scored horrible in cleanliness. He also let me know that the employees were having a hard time keeping up with “this” fairy, apparently being a ninja, or some kind of invisible being, for they could never see her but every time they turned around they found another coupon!

The manager asked me to spread the word to you guys, to please, hold off on the “fairy-ness” for a little bit while the store can find all the hidden coupons on the shelves! He said that if you want to leave coupons, ask the cashiers if you can drop them off with them, or leave a small box with coupons with the manager and he will make it available to anyone who is interested.

What do you think? Is “Coupon Fairing” a good or bad thing??

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